MAEC Supporters

The vendors below have implemented MAEC in their products or services. To add your product to the list, please email us at

Sandboxes and Malware Analysis Services

Offering Vendor Description Reference
Joe Sandbox Joe Security LLC Joe Sandbox Cloud generates reports in MAEC, as well as other formats. Cited on Key Features and FAQs pages on website, and in Product Brochure
VXStream Sandbox Payload Security VXStream Sandbox includes malware indicator sharing using MAEC. Cited on Product page and Features Chart on website
WildFire Palo Alto Networks, Inc. The cloud-delivered WildFire® malware analysis service uses data and threat intelligence and applies advanced analysis to automatically identify unknown threats. Cited on WildFire Datasheet
Cuckoo Sandbox Cuckoo Foundation The MAEC Cuckoo reporting module enables Cuckoo v1.x to output MAEC output natively. MAEC output in 2.x is forthcoming via a MITRE-developed output module. Cited in User Documentation on Cuckoo's website; (NOTE: Our own MAEC Cuckoo Sandbox Module is available on our MAECProject GitHub site)

Static Analysis

Offering Vendor Description Reference
Titanium Core ReversingLabs Titanium Core results can be exported in MAEC, STIX, and IOC formats. Cited as feature on Product page on website

Virtualization Sandboxing

Offering Vendor Description Reference
Bromium LAVA Bromium, Inc. Bromium LAVA's malware intelligence can be shared via standardized STIX/MAEC reports. Cited in White Paper

Threat Intelligence Platform

Offering Vendor Description Reference
AutoFocus Palo Alto Networks, Inc. AutoFocus includes support for MAEC and STIX; to effectively provide the volume of data available through AutoFocus, responses contain embedded MAEC content. Cited on AutoFocus API STIX Support product page on website
EclecticIQ Platform EclecticIQ EclecticIQ Platform includes support for industry standards MAEC, STIX, TAXII, CIQ and CEF. Cited on EclecticIQ Platform technology overview page on website