MAEC Core Specification, Version 5.0

Provides an introduction to the MAEC Language and discusses three high-level use cases. Also provides detailed discussion of Common Data Types, MAEC-Specific Data Types, Cyber Observable Object Extensions, MAEC Top-Level Objects, and the standard MAEC Package output format. MAEC Idioms, including Static Analysis Capture, Dynamic Analysis Capture, and In-depth Analysis Capture, are discussed in the appendix. October 9, 2017.

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MAEC Vocabularies Specification, Version 5.0

Provides an overview and detailed description of the following default MAEC Vocabularies used in the MAEC Language: Analysis Conclusions, Analysis Environment Properties, Analysis Types, Behaviors, Capabilities, Common Attributes, Delivery Vectors, Entity Associations, Malware Actions, Malware Configuration Parameters, Malware Labels, Operating System Features, Operating Systems, Obfuscation Methods, Processor Architectures, and Refined Capabilities. October 9, 2017.

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