ActionImplementationTypeMAEC Bundle Schema

The ActionImplementationType serves as a method for the characterization of Action Implementations. Currently supported are implementations achieved through API function calls and abstractly defined code.

Field Name Type Description
@idoptional QName

The id field specifies a unique ID for this Action Implementation.

@typerequired ActionImplementationTypeEnum

The required type field refers to the type of Action Implementation being characterized in this element.

Compatible_Platforms0..1 PlatformListType

The Compatible_Platforms field specifies the specific platform(s) that the Action is compatible with, or in other words, capable of being successfully executed on.

API_Call0..1 APICallType

The API_Call field allows for the characterization of a system-level API call that was used to implement the action. Software must make use of such calls to talk to hardware and perform system-specific functions.

Code0..n CodeObjectType

The Code field contains any form of code that was used to implement the action.