BehaviorCollectionTypeMAEC Bundle Schema

The BehaviorCollectionType provides a Capability for characterizing collections of behaviors.

Field Name Type Description
@nameoptional string

The name field specifies the name of the collection.

Affinity_Type0..1 string

The Affinity_Type field provides an abstract way of characterizing how the objects in a collection are related.

Affinity_Degree0..1 string

The Affinity_Degree field is intended to provide an abstract way of characterizing the degree to which the objects in a collection are related.

Description0..1 string

The Description field contains a textual description of the collection.

@idrequired QName

The id field specifies a unique ID for this Behavior Collection.

Purpose0..1 string

The Purpose field states the intended purpose of the collection of Behaviors. Since Behaviors are not always successful, and may not be fully observed, this is meant as way of absracting the nature of the collection of Behaviors away from its constituent Actions.

Behavior_List1..1 BehaviorListType

The Behavior_List field specifies a list of Behaviors that make up the collection.