AnalysisEnvironmentTypeMAEC Package Schema

The AnalysisEnvironmentType provides mechanisms for characterizing the particular hardware/software environment used in the analysis of a Malware Subject.

Field Name Type Description
Hypervisor_Host_System0..1 HypervisorHostSystemType

The Hypervisor_Host_System field characterizes the (physical) host system used in the analysis on which the VM Hypervisor runs. This element imports and extends the CybOX System Object.

Analysis_Systems0..1 AnalysisSystemListType

The Analysis_Systems field characterizes the system(s) (real or virtual) on which the actual analysis was performed, including information about both the hardware and software, such as the properties of its BIOS, processor architecture, and operating system. This element imports and extends the CybOX System Object.

Network_Infrastructure0..1 NetworkInfrastructureType

The Network_Infrastructure field captures details of the network infrastructure used in the analysis environment, such as any network protocols that are captured or manipulated.