Overview of the MAEC Data Models

The MAEC Language is defined by three data models, each of which is implemented in its own XML schema. There is also a default vocabularies schema, which defines a default set of controlled vocabularies used within MAEC.
As illustrated, “MAEC Bundle” is the (lowest) Tier 1 data model; “MAEC Package” is the (middle) Tier 2 data model; and “MAEC Container” is the (highest) Tier 3 data model. All three data models offer a stand-alone output format, so a lower level model can be used without the higher tier data model (although each model level requires all lower tiers). This three-tiered structure provides flexibility in the type and amount of information that can be shared. MAEC data models

MAEC Bundle Data Model

The MAEC Bundle data model provides the ability to capture and share data obtained from the analysis of a single malware instance.

MAEC Bundle »

MAEC Package Data Model

The MAEC Package data model enables a user to share MAEC characterized data for one or more Malware Subjects.

MAEC Package »

MAEC Container Data Model

The MAEC Container data model enables a user to share any collection of MAEC characterized data.

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