MAEC 5.0 (Draft)

This is a draft of the upcoming release of MAEC, and is currently open for community review and comment. Feedback is welcome on the MAEC Community Email Discussion List, or directly to

Community Review Period Now Open!

We are particularly interested in hearing about anything that might be confusing or under-specified in the specifications.

All comments are due by September 29, 2017.

Release Notes

This release of MAEC 5.0 (Draft) includes the following:

  • MAEC 5.0 (Draft) “Core” Specification
  • MAEC 5.0 (Draft) “Vocabularies” Specification
  • A full set of JSON schemas that correspond with the specifications
  • A Cuckoo Sandbox 2.x reporting module that produces native MAEC 5.0 output

Read the MAEC 5.0 (Draft) release announcement.


JSON Schemas

Cuckoo Reporting Modules

The Cuckoo Sandbox 2.x reporting module produces native MAEC 5.0 output.